The Complaint

Taylor v. Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Inc.

Taylor v. Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Inc. (N.D. Ga., 2:21-cv-00068)

Northeast Georgia Medical Center sued by former nurse for FMLA violation. According to the complaint she was “high performing registered nurse employed with Northeast Georgia Medical Center”. It looks like Northeast Georgia Medical Center has a third-party administrator and according to the complaint “she persistently sought help and guidance from Defendant’s Human Resources department (“HR”), the third-party administrator Unum (“Unum”)”

“Rather than provide Plaintiff Taylor with the required employer notice, Defendant Northeast Georgia Medical Center denied Plaintiff Taylor’s leave and terminated her employment in order to prevent giving her likely leave in the future.” “Northeast Georgia Medical Center also failed to offer COBRA continuation of its health, dental, and vision plan, failed to provide election notice, and failed to provide early termination notice”

Northeast Georgia Medical Center is being sued for:

  • Interference with FMLA rights
  • FMLA retaliation